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We want to start where we left off, with you! So…here are five ways for you to live as the best version of yourself. And we mean the very best... By the way, you are welcome!


From personal experience, this is so damn important. I know some of your passions are different than your job. If your job is your passion that is great, but if not, no big deal either. We are not saying you have to work in your passion, but to be your best self, you must do and live your passion. If your passion is to paint, MAKE the time to paint! If your passion is computer programming, MAKE the time develop a new app! If your passion is your family, MAKE the time to spend time with them. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so you are better off spending your time doing the things that make you beam!


Every day make it your duty to serve someone else. We can't underestimate to the importance of helping, supporting and serving others. Why, because you asked the question of, "What can I give to others, instead of what can I get from others?" Have you ever heard the cliche, "the more you give, the more you receive?" Yep, it is freaking true! Don't give because out of obligation, but give out of inspiration. Do something to make someone smile, every day, and we promise, you won't regret it.


We are just like you! Every day we are faced with challenges and obstacles. We don't live a problem free life. Here is the deal: we exercise patience with ourselves first and then others. First, be patient with you. Don't bully yourself or be overly critical. Instead, love and forgive yourself. No one is perfect, so don't hold yourself to those unrealistic standards. It is not worth it to make yourself feel like crap. Second, only when you have patience with yourself, do you have patience with others. Don't be so quick to judge people for their actions. Here is the rule to live by, if you don't have the full story, don't have a full opinion. PERIOD.


People tend to complain about all the things they don't have, instead of showing gratitude for the things that they do have. We can quickly forget what we have to be grateful for in our day to day lives. The next time you are complaining, write down five things you are thankful for... Then the next day, write down five different things you are grateful for... Repeat this process each day for seven straight days. It will force you to see all the good in your life and make you want to be more grateful and better.


If you want to be your best self, then it is good to have people in your corner to support and love you despite what you are going through. Don't hang around people that make you feel like crap. You can do BAD by yourself-you don't need help. Find people that will challenge you. You don't need "YES" people. Find those people that will hold you accountable because they love you. If you have to lose a couple of people in your life to help you have a better life, then it is well worth it!

BAM! There you have it! Five keys to living your best life starting today, right now…at this very moment! As always, if we can help in any way, contact us on social media, or email. We would love to chat and help you on your path to personal greatness.

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