How To Overcome Fear Pt.II

Anybody who appears to not be afraid is looked at as a strong person, right? See, this person doesn’t look nervous when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs of life.

Let’s break this down, to live the best life you can, you need a healthy dose of fearlessness. No doubt you want to feel strong, intelligent, and capable in your ability to tackle your goals.

The one who dominates fear is the one who will continue to put in the time and work to get their stuff done. Trust us, fear will always be around, the question is how do you dominate it?

Never forget, those without fear… have fear! The difference is…they are calm, cool and collected while being afraid! While they are screaming and sweating on the inside, these individuals are super chill on the outside. To take it a step further, they use their fear as fuel and motivation to overcome! The fearless ones spend most of their time finding ways to climb, jump, hit, kick, punch, and run over obstacles until they reach the end goal!

This is hard because it forces you to do something that is dreadfully uncomfortable! Welcome to success, babbbbbbbbbbbby!

Work Through It

Fear is often a healthy response to true danger, no doubt! Listen, since the earliest days of our human existence, fear has been vital in keeping all of us alive. Yet, fear has the great power of holding us back as well! See, we have to put our fears in the proper place. Therefore, we need to work through it, rather than run from it.

So, in order to dominate fear…we must FACE it. Overcoming MUST be attacked head on.

One of the first things we suggest is for someone to take the time to write down all of their fears. After, review that list and write down reasons you shouldn’t have that fear.

This is quite helpful in putting things in perspective.

Fear Plan

Creating a list and working through those fears is a great way to FACE them. Honestly, we would even suggest printing the list out. Think about it, it would be helpful the next time you are faced with a fear from the list, take it out to offer you a quick reminder of why it is absolutely irrational! For real, you can’t just make a list and hope you conquer your fears. You need to FACE them. Look that FEAR square in the eyes…and don’t blink!

Ok, let’s get to work! Choose one fear and dedicate THIS week to facing it. Don’t move on until you have chosen your fear, PLUS a way to face it. Write down your fear, your plan of action, and date using the GRIT Fear Plan! Oh by the way, the term ASAP is nothing but poison. Include a specific date that you must confront your fear before.

This is your time, let’s make it happen!

Good luck and Stay Gritty!

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