The Why Behind Gritty

Ron was working with first generation college students in his Upward Bound program, and I was a principal at an urban elementary school. Time and again we were trading stories about our students and the experiences they were having day-in and day-out.

We wanted to create something that the first gen student could pick and read on the spot. Ron and I wanted to talk with them and share our story.

Gritty was not meant to be a book about first generation college students. It is a book for first generation college students. Sure directors, professors, and teachers can read Gritty, but the book was created with the student in mind.

We are proud of the work we have done. As first generation college students, we had struggles, but the mentality to succeed was our greatest strength!

Each and every student has the same ability to overcome.

They just have to be Gritty to do it!

Check out Gritty here!

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