No Negative

The world has been here billions of years! Billions! That is a long time to exist!

If we are lucky, we get 80-100 years to live…if we are lucky! So, we do not have time to spend with negative thoughts and people. Life is literally too short!

Chill on that. I know you have heard it over and over, but people are so comfortable with negativity, it becomes apart of their life! Stay away from me.

Listen, I am not perfect. But I want to be happy! Dying a happy person should be something we all strive for at some point.

Think about it, could you imagine going to your grave pissed because your brother/sister did not pay you your money he/she borrowed from you.

Would that be worth it? Somethings just don't matter as much as we think!

They just don't...

Yes, it has been said a billion times, but it is so true. The world was here before us, and it will be here after us.

Be happy! Be free! Be positive! Be you!

Stay Gritty,


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