The Gift of My Curse

What does it feel like to always be chasing something? The chase!

Running…running…running…striving to beat a personal milestone that I placed on myself…running! My mind is always going! I hear the words in my head, "Rodney, you can do this…you got this…let's get this!"

My greatest curse is my greatest gift! My focus allows me to disregard anyone that does not believe in me and my goals. This can be good and bad, it depends. 

At times, I am not worried about friendships, others thoughts of me, or the outside world. I am locked the hell in! 

…and I love it!

While I may pass by others on the relationship meter, and the "having fun" meter, it did not miss anything on the "getting it done" meter! 

My internal drive idles around 100 miles a hour! I speak Spanish, but never learned in a university. I have co-authored a book with my twin, but hated writing! At 36 years old, I am in the best shape of my life!

The drive to reach personal greatness has allowed me to accomplish some pretty amazing things! The drive…the chase…the focus…the...

Balance, where are you? Who are you?

Where is your balance?

Stay Gritty,


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