The Curse of My Gift

I have never been the fastest, the smartest, or the strongest. Never! So, growing up, when you are like me, you fight for every second, every grade, and every rep.

Back in the day, in high school, I would stay after school to get extra math help on a regular basis. I would do agility drills to increase my speed, and I would do push-ups at night in hopes of getting stronger.

You know, I am not sure if you can tell, but my gift from God is my work ethic. When I want something, I blackout, lock-in, and focus like hell! I have got to get it!

At 36 years old, I am still this way! It is probably more intense now than my younger years. My gift has allowed me to accomplish a lot in life, but it has caused me pain and confusion.

When I lock-in, nothing else around me matters! I won't call my friends, parents, or siblings. When I am at home, I am present in the physical form, but mentally, I am gone! I feel in some ways, I have missed a lot in my life.

I am on the chase!

Balance, where are you? Who are you?

Where is your balance?

-Stay Gritty,


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