Do something! Go ahead…get started! Your spirit is telling you to evolve, involve, and revolve around this passion, this gift, this formation. Life is gorgeous when this happens.

I know that it is hard to do, but move at your own pace! You are not in a race with anyone, but you! You do not have to compare yourself to your friends on Snapchat, Facebook and IG.

C'mon, go for it! The feeling we get in our stomach when we know we should do something, you know, it puts us out there a little more than we are comfortable with…but makes us take the next step! It is a high…better than any drug. Take some...


No worries…haters, hate. Complainers, complain. Nitpickers, nitpick!

Be bold! Take a huge step forward, knowing at some point you will take a step back. It is part of the process. Everybody goes through it.


We were born to be incredible, amazing, beautiful, special, different, creative, outstanding, excellent, brilliant…a creation…among creations…a You beyond YOU!

Try today, try always… is one big try…think about it…never stop living...

Stay Gritty,


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