Good, I thought it was just me! You know, I realize that we all have a little fear hanging around. We should though…it keeps us alive and safe!

My daughter was lacking fear when she touched that brownie pan just taken out of the oven….OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….with many tears of course!

Lesson learned!

So fear is not bad, for safety reasons.

Yet there is the darkside of fear. It controls our thoughts and actions. We feel dumb, stupid, less than. I can't stand that feeling. If my fear was a person, I would punch the hell out of him! But…it is not, lucky me!

I am not a violent man, but damn, the stomach knots and sweaty palms…I do not like it one bit.

It is all good! I have learned a pretty simple way to put my fears in the proper place. Since my fears rest in my head, I just do the very thing I am afraid of…I face it!

So, if I am afraid to speak in front of others, I do it!

If I am afraid to start the new book, I do it!

If I am afraid to ask someone a question, I do it!

If I am afraid to apply for the job, I do it!

You get the picture!

It still feels scary to do, but I feel incredible after! The crazy part is…when you do something you are afraid of, afterward, you feel amazing! …like a super hero!

Overcoming fear MUST be attacked head on!

Do something that makes you afraid!

Let me know how you feel…email me at

Stay Gritty,


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