One Gift That Will Make You Gritty

We love the holidays. For our kids, they love dreaming for “stuff” and asking Santa. Come to think of it, our kids are like many adults today! They make a list of things they want, and hope they are delivered with little to no effort.

When you make your Xmas list this year, make sure that Action is on your list. What is Action? It is putting your goal in motion! Yes, it is on the piece of paper in your notebook, or the Notes app in your iPhone. However, if you keep it there and do nothing with it, your list is no different from our kids’ Santa list.

This gift requires you to extend yourself to a different place. It is uncomfortable at times and boring. But when you pick up the phone and make the calls, read the books, learn from your professors, take the classes etc…the Action gift transforms your life.

Action empowers, inspires, and motivates. Action is everything! This gift is so powerful that when others see you, they will want to be like you. Why? Because they are physically seeing you in action, working the goal. We hope you get this gift. It will be a holiday you never forget!

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