This Is The Gift You Want For Xmas!

It is officially the holiday season and many people have started shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones. After shopping for everyone else, what gift will you give yourself? Listen, we are sure the last thing you need is more "stuff." Everyone has stuff! Phones, TV's, and Tablets are cool! We love them. But there is more to life than money and electronics.

Listen, this holiday season, instead of the new Apple Watch or iPad Pro, what about giving yourself the gift of FOCUS! We know, your eyes are crossed and you are saying to yourself, "What the hell are those dudes talking about? Show me the Apple Watch!"

Slow down...slow down! Cool, get the watch! But the gift of FOCUS is special. There is something you want to do in life that an electronic device can't help you with, right? When you set a goal and lock-in, you become a different human in the process. For real, that is more valuable than the player endorsing your shoes or the brand across your back.

The gift of FOCUS forces you to make time for the MOST important things in your life! You want a 4.0 next semester, no problem. What would you have to do to achieve it? How much time would it take to study? Write it down and dig!

When you FOCUS, you fail. When you move pass your failures you become Gritty. Repeat this cycle a few times, and your gift will have paid you more than you know.

So, be extremely kind to yourself this holiday season, and give yourself a gift that can't be unwrapped or purchased, but provide you with inspiration and purpose. That is FOCUS!

-Stay Gritty

Ron and Rodney

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