Why Giving Thanks Makes You Gritty

We grew up in North St. Louis. If you have followed us over the years, you know the story. The drugs, violence, and gangs lived in our neighborhood, and to this day, we would not trade it for another life!


Because our environment made us Gritty! That's why! No, we were not fighting in the streets, or ducking cops, but the neighborhood showed us daily where we did not want to be. We are thankful, and aspired for something different...something beyond our wildest dreams.

Again, you know about the 14's on the ACT. We are fully aware that as a prediction, students who score that low on the ACT are not expected to receive doctoral degrees. On the other hand, as we travel down memory lane, that little, itty bitty number forced us to work our butts off. After years of doing that in college, our Gritty instincts kicked in!

You have been through something or going through something, right? Be thankful for the opportunity to struggle! We know, that sounds ridiculous. But it is true. There are lessons trapped inside of those struggles. When you open the box and learn, it is like finding millions in gold!

So today, thank your hard times! ....because it can give you the gift of GRIT! Trust us, it will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Stay Gritty

-The Lewis Influence

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