Who Is Your President? Really?

Yep! The world is going nuts right now! No doubt about it. Ok, we got it! Donald Trump is coming up next. Trump is the next President of the United States. WE GOT IT!

Yo, let’s take this a step deeper. Who is really your President? Sure, Donald Trump is up to bat, but who is in direct control of your life? Who is living with you every…single…day?

You guessed it! Y-O-U! You! So, who is in direct control of your life? Whose decisions should you fear? The leader of the free world or yours? Think about it!

If you answered the President, you got a problem! Your personal decisions are more dangerous than any elected official.

How do you spend your time? What are you reading? Who are you hanging out with everyday? Trump, Obama, or any other politician can’t help you with that. You make those personal laws.

So don’t worry about the next President. Trump is the President!

Move on!

Yet, you have all the control in the world to be Gritty as hell!

Want to be successful? Use Guts!

Want to achieve your dreams? Be Resilient!

Want to be the best of the best? Get Intense!

Want to change your life? Have Tenacity!

You make the laws. After all, you are the President of…you!

Stay Gritty!

-Rodney and Ron Lewis

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