The 3 Principles We Learned From The Guru

CJ; Ron; Rodney; Eric

Yoooooo….a week ago we attended The Secret To Success Bootcamp with Dr. Eric Thomas. If you do not know Eric Thomas (or E.T.) click the link to find out more. But in short, Dr. Thomas is ranked as the #1 public speaker in the world and has changed millions of lives with his inspirational and passionate messages.

The Secrets To Success Bootcamp touched on self improvement and business development. It was amazing to say the least. However, we learned three important principles from that two-day experience. Because you were not there, we brought back a few powerful messages as it relates to personal greatness.

These three are game changers…


See, we are fully aware of “passion” and having “passion” for something. However the eye-opener was having a passion for your craft and serving other people. That was big for us! Eric Thomas made a good point when he said, “Some of you go to sleep thinking about yourself and that is the reason you will never be successful.” For real, it is very easy to get caught up in what you are doing. All the time, we are writing and talking about grinding! On the other hand, we have to dedicate and show passion for other people. Like Dr. Thomas says, “…if you focus on blowing someone else up, you will blow up!”


Everybody has a dream! However the difference between the average and the awesome is that everyday, the awesome are doing the little things to see their dream come true. During the two-day conference, CJ, Eric Thomas’ right hand man, said that in order for their company, ETA (Eric Thomas Associates) to become what it is today, they created a list of things to do for the day and made sure they did everything they could to complete their daily goals. Listen, this level of execution was long before any of us met Eric Thomas on Youtube. Most people want recognition in the light but lack the skill to execute in the dark. If we want to reach our personal greatness, without a doubt execution will be king!


We have heard value expressed in many…many ways; however they expressed in a way we have never heard! Eric Thomas stated that if you are not adding value to someone’s life, it is possible you might be destroying them. That is deep! If you think about each relationship in your life, ask yourself are you:

Upgrading the relationship?

Slightly upgrading the relationship?


Destroying the relationship?

When you have relationships with your friends, parents, students, teachers…etc, what are you doing? Just remember if you are upgrading people, you are making them better, and if they are better, trust us, you will definitely become better!

Passion for others, Execution of the little things, and adding Value to other people are three principles that impacted us deeply. We are not sure where you are in life, but please know that if you apply these three daily actions, you are going to have greater success in your work, marriage, relationships, you name it.

Sometimes, it is hard not to be selfish, have the focus, and be intentional about making relationships better. But what we learned from the guru is that without these three in place, you may reach some success, but you will never fully be great! Why? Because it is all about you, and when it is always about you and your feelings, you will never be successful!

You better get hungry, before you go hungry!

-Ron and Rodney

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