The #1 Reason Why Success Sucks

Everybody wants to be successful! We all love “success” and would all love to achieve success in the easiest, most comfortable way possible. Very few people are walking around thinking, “I want an average life”. No one wants average, but yet, people are getting average results over and over again.

For real, the reason people are not reaching their personal greatness is because it is hard and filled with heartbreaks, setbacks, and pain. You actually, have to try and put in the effort, you may have to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Yeah, Success Sucks! It really does! Think about all of the sacrifices you have to make. You need to study more to get the 4.0? However, you are sacrificing time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, communicating on social media, or playing video games. That sucks!

Think about your role model or someone you admire. Do you know what they have given up to reach their goal? We don't know exactly what they have given up, but we can guess it was a lot. Listen, we could be doing 25 other “fun” things besides writing this article. That is real. Yet, our eyes are on the prize. When we go to sleep at night, we see something, a different future in our dreams. To make that vision breathe, work and run, we have to GRIND!

True success is not given, not earned, but it is taken. If you want recognition in the light, then work in the dark! Every time you say NO to something, you say YES to something else. When you say NO to your friends, but YES to your grades, you are a step closer to your success. You have to do the right things right to get what you want out of life. Often students, want maximum rewards, with the least amount of effort. Honestly, that is a recipe for failure.

Success is not about getting someone’s attention, but about bringing your vision into a reality. True success is about serving others and making the world a better place. C’mon, it is not about “likes and followers.” It is bigger than that.

This stuff will make you uncomfortable and have you second guessing is all the grinding worth it. Again, it sucks.

See, while the both of us are inspired to do this work everyday, it has its challenges from time to time. Whether we are driving or flying to the next conference or keynote speech, we can’t lie, leaving our family is hard. Not kissing our children goodnight because of a speech can be a tough pill to swallow. But make no mistake, we knew there would be sacrifices along the way in order to make this Lew Flu thing pop!

“There is no big trophy for a small effort!”

That quotes sums up what we are chasing in life. The possibility of doing something out of this world. That quote reminds us that we will have to put everything in our dreams and GO HARD until we make them come to reality.

This quote reminds us that true success will not be easy or a walk in the park, but trying and rough. On the other hand, do not be afraid of the hard work. Nah! There is no reason. If we can start our company from a phone call, you can do anything! Everyone before you and those after you will have to work. If you work a little, you will get a little. If you work on average, you will get average. Yet, if you grind hard, you give yourself an excellent chance to take life into a different space.

Finally, never forget, when you grind hard, you will want to give up, quit, cry, complain…you name it. But in order to reach your personal greatness, things will be hard, tough, and rough! Yeah, it will suck! However, it is the only way to be successful!

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