3 Rules For Bulletproof Focus

Yep, we have told you to "hustle and grind, never quit, and no days off." Some of you are working hard every day of your life! You are going hard on EVERYTHING! Literally, if it is in your sight, in your mental vision, you are attempting to make it happen. Have you found yourself doing too much?

So, listen closely...STOP WORKING HARD and trying to do everything. Instead focus on what truly matters the most. You need to weed out all of the distractions and clutter from your mind to achieve what you really want.

So often, you have people pulling at your time and energy. If you give your time and energy away, it could set you back, making you work harder. We are not encouraging laziness. We are encouraging you to think twice about “doing things” just for the sake of doing things. Don't mistake activities for accomplishments. Being “busy” does not mean you are moving toward your goal. We would like to offer three easy steps we have personally used to stop killing ourselves and start focusing on the few and necessary...

See the Light

What do you want? Listen, stop acting like this is confusing and make your mind up! Listen to your head and follow your heart. First, you can't do everything! Jay Z started with rapping then had the clothing line and other businesses. Steph Curry became a master shooter first, then his face became a household name. Steve Jobs created the Mac computer first, then came iTunes, iPhone, and iPad. Understand where we are going here? You have to decide on your first love first. Don't chase degrees, chase your passion! Once you master your dream other opportunities will begin to emerge. Therefore, get clear about the one thing you want to do today and focus on that...commitment is next.

Commit to your Commitment

Since we love basketball, let's stay with this theme, shall we? Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. He won 6 titles, 5 MVP's, and the list goes on and on. See, he could jump out of the gym, had blazing speed, and great strength. That did not make him great though. Many players in his day had those same qualities. The reason Jordan is the greatest of all time is because he was clear about being the best of the best, but committed his very being to improving his game. Michael literally worked harder than anyone that has played in the NBA. Only because of his commitment we can purchase his Jordan brand. His obsessed commitment to his goal, allowed him to be great. Once you get clear about what you want, you have to commit bringing that vision into a reality. Now, you have the commitment, you need to start small...

Start Small, Get Big

You are committed, but what should you focus on? There is a lot to do, you are getting overwhelmed...Ahhhhhhhhhh! Relax! It is all good. Where do you start? Wherever you like. Along the same lines, once you start, stay consistent with your action. Remember, don't try to lose 50 lbs in one week. It ain't happening, but you can lose 2 lbs a week and little by little, those 2 lbs become 4,8,10,20,30,45, and 50 lbs. Never forget, in order to reach the big goal, it starts with conquering the small everyday, and overtime, you will get big. Research the musical career's of Bruno Mars, Sean Combs, and Justin Bieber. Each of these artist started on a small stage, worked on their skills, and now we see them on the big stage. Get it?

Stop running yourself into the ground! Stop confusing yourself everyday with new ideas. Not every “new” opportunity is a good opportunity. If you don't know what you want, all new opportunities will seem as great opportunities. This will cause you to work unnecessarily hard. Instead, stop and focus…lock-in on your passion, commit to your passion, and work everyday on that passion. Overtime, day by day, we promise you, the vision you see in your head will come to life. It will! Depending on the goal, it may not happen in 6 months or 2 years. But trust us, if you know what you are going for, committed to your goal, and work everyday on that single goal...it will be hard for anyone to stop you. You got this!

Be Great. Be You!

-The Lewis Influence

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