The 3 Major Reasons We Hustle Hard

People have asked us why we do what we do. Yes, we do what we do for our family. We have to provide them everything that we envisioned for our lives. We want our children to have options in life and refuse to just live and accept what life has handed them.

One of our favorite heroes, our mother, told us, “No one will hand you anything in this life. If you want it, then you have to take it!” Therefore, we fight for each person in our household to make their life easier and will continue this until there is no breath left in our bodies. Yet, that is not the only reason we grind like we do.

Another reason is because we witnessed our parent’s wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Our mom worked in a hot factory and our dad, in a kitchen. They worked five days a week with ten-hour work days. When we played high school and college basketball, both of them would be in attendance, screaming and yelling. They have done more for us than any other humans alive. We have to be successful and not only reach, but exceed our goals. They have sacrificed so much, that it would be a slap in the face if we had not pushed this college thing to achieve our goals! But that is not the only reason why we do what we do.

The major reason for doing what we do is because PEOPLE DIED FOR US so we can do it! People we will never meet, or never physically repay. These individuals gave their lives for us. They were willing to march, speak, and fight in the name of equality and justice.

They easily could have said, “This is not my fight. My family and I are living great and we are going to be fine.” Nope. Instead, they said, “I may not be free, but someone in the future will be free.” If slaves were willing to fight for their freedom, if Martin Luther King was willing to stand up to defeat racism, if Malcolm X was willing to instill self-worth and self-esteem into a group of people, if our mother and father were willing to pick cotton to support their families, the least we can do is get a degree.

This is light work. The least we can do is become the very best person we can be and take life as far as we can. These individuals throughout American history and our family history have left an impression on our minds, bodies, and spirits. The both of us continually use their strength to help overcome setbacks and obstacles. Their sacrifice, their pain, their victory, and their success have been a major force in our lives. This is why you have to place going to college in the proper perspective. If you are like us, you watched someone in your life sacrifice everything for you. That person could have worked late hours and spent their last dollar on your clothes and shoes to make sure you were looking good.

The least you can do is attend college knowing the proper payback is your success through excellent grades and graduation. Compared to our parents’ struggle and sacrifice, we had it easy. And you probably do to...

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