You Don't Know Your G.P.A.? Are You Crazy, Bruh?

In May of 1999, the both of us presented our mom with a crazy idea. As a high school graduation gift, we asked our mom if she would buy us a cell phone. Having a cell phone was rare in ’99. Most high schoolers had pagers at the time. So, having a phone put us ahead of the game. Today, things have changed quite a bit. As you know, smartphones allow us to surf the web, pay bills, play games, and tweet to the world. We are more connected than we have ever been.

Your access to information is at an all-time high. Here is the question though, what are you doing with this freedom? In a world of information, literally at our fingertips, we are using the power of the Internet for only social media. Let’s be clear, we are not condemning social media. We are condemning social media if it comes before your education. Are you facebooking and tweeting throughout the day? During your spare time, are you sending picture after picture on Instagram? Have you memorized your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

This is about the real numbers! Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers are numbers. The price of your LeBron's and getting your nails done are numbers. Do you know the right numbers? What are the right numbers? Good question! Knowing your Twitter and Instagram stats are not bad.

However, tell us this. How will knowing your social media numbers help you get an A in your hardest class? Will tweeting all-day help your GPA? When most of your attention is attached to your iPhone, iPad, or computer using social media, but you have no clue what your GPA is, how many credits you have until graduation, or what your grades are for the current semester, umm...Houston, we have a problem.

-Ron and Rodney

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