What No One Tells You About S.W.A.G.

New swag? What are we referring to? This has nothing to do with your physical appearance, but instead, it is the way you think in and outside of the classroom. This S.W.A.G. is truly taking academic and personal ownership. Unlike the swag on television, this S.W.A.G. will play an integral role in your academic growth. The swag in the media will have you looking nice, but this S.W.A.G. will help you achieve success in all facets of your life.

To use any swag, it takes 110%. But this S.W.A.G. needs you to rise and grind to reach your level of success. We call it your level of success because success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Listen, if you are willing to approach S.W.A.G. differently, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. With that said, let's get S.W.A.G.'ed out.

Remember, most swag occurs when our students practice being something they are not. Now, we would like to offer you a different perspective. Look at it this way: S.W.A.G.=Students With Academic Growth. When we say growth, we are not talking about only classroom growth, but also outside of the classroom as well. Once you step foot on a college campus, the rest of your future life starts. Every decision you make will impact the rest of your life.

Remember this equation:

100 poor choices x 100 poor choices = a lifetime of misery and regrets.

Be Great! Be You!

-Ron and Rodney

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