The Vicious Hustling Guide I: Rise and Grind

Good morning, Good Afternoon and Goodnight, My Champions! Last week, we told you that if you wanted to reach your goals, you needed to hustle! In order to hustle, you would need to: Rise & Grind - Ground & Pound. We encouraged you to Rise Up, Grind Out, and hit the Ground while Pounding on your dreams. As promised, this week, we will break down the first component of hustle: Rise & Grind.

Rise Up

You can’t hustle if you don't Rise Up. Taking it a step further, you can’t do anything in life, if you don't Rise…Up. So many people say, they want to be great and want to achieve big, lofty dreams, but they never do. Why? Because they are not willing to Rise Up. Talking about your goals, that's cool, but physically working on your goals, consistently, is next level hustle. We would like to offer you three rules to Rising Up:

Rule 1: See the Vision

Listen, a person will not rise, if they can’t see what they are rising for, correct? You have to have a clear and distinct vision for what you want! You have to be 100% with yourself. Everyday, you need to see what you want, despite your physical environment. You won’t hustle for something you don't see. Once you own your vision, you need to set the determination.

Rule 2: Set the Determination

Being able to see your goal through a vision is great and you need it. Yet, your determination to achieve your goal, needs to be at an all-time high. You have to commit and re-commit to the goal over and over again. Why would you hustle if you don't believe the opportunity could realistically happen. Against all odds, your determination should never waver, but instead increase your focus.

Rule 3: Laser Focus

This is one of the most important rules about your Rise Up. You have to be laser focused on your goal. All actions must help you achieve the desired goal. People will offer suggestions, comments, and feedback, but take it with a grain of salt. Rule of thumb, don't use everyone’s advice. Just because someone offers you help, doesn't mean it is beneficial. So you have to make sure that you are so focused and locked-in on your goal, that you can separate the good from the bad. Only hyper-locked in-laser focused individuals can hustle, but not just hustle, hustle with a purpose.

Grind Out

Yo, we told you last week, Grinding Out is the fun part for us! See, we are talking about Grinding in your mind. Ok, soooo…you saw the vision, set the determination, and were laser focused; however, now, right now, you have to Grind Out. Your mind has to be strong enough to endure the process of greatness. To support your mind grind, we offer you three simple rules to mental domination:

Rule 1: Put On Your Beats

If you have a pair of Beats headphones, then you know the main feature is that it cancels out background noise. Well, in order to grind, you need to put on your mental Beats to block the garbage. You can’t listen to everyone’s opinions. Period. You know what you want, now you have to pursue it with passion.

Rule 2: Power Of A Seed

For a seed to grow, you need dirt, water, and sunlight. Consider your goal a seed. For dirt, put your idea around good people. You can’t do anything alone, so you need great people to help you move forward. Next, you need water for your seed to grow; therefore, splash good thoughts on your seed. You need to believe in your dream. If you don't believe, no one will. Lastly, you need sunlight, and that brings heat and energy. In other words, you need to take action toward your goal. But...not just any action, but massive-intentional action. What does that look like? We can’t answer that for you, but you can! Don’t stop short of the goal because you are afraid or unsure of the outcome. Understanding the Power Of A Seed will help you gain the hustle you need for greatness.

Rule 3: You Get Out What You Put In

Your mind is beyond powerful! Make sure you realize that what you put in your head will eventually duplicate as speech and/or action. What are we trying to say? Look, if you listen to negativity, soon enough your actions and words will be negative. If you chill with positive people, read positive things, and listen to positive messages, you are more likely to be positive. Simple. Our actions and words are DIRECT reflections of the things we have stored in our minds. Our advice, listen, read, and watch wisely...

BOOM! There you have it! Rise Up and Grind Out for greatness…every…single…day! Between the two, you now have six incredibly simple rules to increase your success, starting today! Right now, think about your vision, determination, and focus! Then, plan for it! Lastly, as you start your mind grind, cancel the noise, plant the idea, and monitor your thoughts. Game over!

Be Great, Be You!

-Ron and Rodney

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