The Vicious Hustling Guide

We have told you over and over again that if you want to achieve any level of greatness you have to be willing and ready to hustle. There is nothing that you will achieve in your lifetime that will not require hustle. If you want an A in a class, you better start hustling. If you want a job when you graduate, you better start hustling. If you want to reach some lofty goal, you better start hustling. Don't complain about what you don't have, and start working with what you have. In other words start hustling!

In order to hustle, you need to know the core of Hustle. We call it, “Rise and Grind & Ground & Pound”. The core elements of hustling is simply this: (1) Rise Up (2) Grind Out (3) Hit the Ground Running (4) Pound on Your Dreams.

These elements have served us and still do. Anything that we were trying to achieve, required us to Rise up - every morning with a determination and focus to move closer toward our goal. Unfortunately, most people don't Rise Up, but instead they Lay Down due to fear, lack of confidence, and no belief.

After we have the focus, then we Grind out. For us, this has always been the fun part of the hustle. When we talk about the Grind, we are talking about grinding in your mind. The Grind is looking past your feelings and looking at your principles. The Rise gives us the focus, but the Grind gives us the effort.

At this point we are hitting the Ground running. This means we are going to be consistent in our effort. We will not take any breaks, mentally or physically. We will make no excuses about what we have or don't have. We will go through the process seven days a week, make the sacrifices and never give up.

Lastly, when you Pound on your dreams you are discipline and committed to the goal. You will let nothing stop you. When you fall down (you will fall down) and wipe off the tears, blood and dirt, and start where you left off. Pounding is the last element because pounding makes the Rise, Grind, and Ground worth it in the end. You can Rise up and focus on your goal, you can Grind out past your negative thoughts, you can hit the Ground running through effort, but if you can't Pound through adversity, the failure, the self-doubt, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. That is why Pounding on your dreams are so important. At the end of the day, will you Pound long enough to endure to the end?

Here is a dirty little secret about success, it SUCKS. Everybody wants to be successful, but only the rare breed of people are willing to endure the process to make it come true! If you want your dreams to come true, you will have to hustle and hustle hard. But in order to hustle, you better have the core elements of hustling. Keep this in mind, you can't do anything until you Rise Up and instill the focus and determination for your goal. If you Rise and don't Grind Out, because you don't have the mental capacity, you will never hit the Ground running. You will never establish the consistent effort it takes to witness your dreams come into reality. If you don't hit the Ground, you will never Pound. Nope, you won’t have the mental or physical strength to move past failure or setbacks. You will cry and complain and say that it is unfair, but in reality you are not prepared to hustle.

If you want it, go get it!

-The Lewis Influence


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