5 Questions That Will Change Your Life...Forever

Life is all about direction and purpose. Life spanks us, life is not fair. Some of us have it harder than others. Some of us must study longer than the kid sitting next to us. But you know, it does not matter! See, life is hard for all of us, regardless of the money in your pocket, the house you live in, or the wheels you drive. It is tough!

However, you know what can make life, not easier, but exciting? Having a plan and doing everything you can to achieve it! That is an amazing feeling and we have five questions, we call “The Gritty 5” or “The G5”, to help you get through life’s tough parts and see your future crystal…clear.

Our questions will push you into another stratosphere and get you on the ground, pounding towards your goals. Answer these five questions honestly, and your life will CHANGE forever! No doubt!

Question 1: Who Am I?

WOW, this is a big time question! Can you believe people are walking around us and they do not have a clue who they are? They can tell you about Steph Curry, Future, and Fetty Wap. However, when it comes to their life, they are “out to lunch.” Straight up, what do you stand for? Your name, what does it mean? When you look in them mirror today, who is looking at you? Before you start this journey, know your “I AM” before others tell you “Who You Are!” Therefore, you should fill in the blank….I AM_________….What?

Question 2: Who Do I Want To Be?

See, we all have goals and imagine ourselves doing something beyond our wildest dreams. We all do it! On the other hand, it is one thing to see it in your head as a wish, it is another to see it in your head as an expectation. You have to expect that what you see in your head will come to life. If you don't believe it, you will never BE it! Keep this in mind, you are designed to be something great and amazing, not just an “employee.” What greatness is living in you and what is it?

Question 3: Where Am I Going?

Reflect for a moment…on your current path, if you keep doing the same thing, will that help you be who you want to be? Read the first sentence again! The places you go, and the places you see will be a direct reflection of what you have been doing over a period of time. Are you hearing us? We are all going somewhere, but the question is, will you like the destination when you arrive? Whatever spot you land in, it will be because of you and your actions. Where are you going?

Question 4: What Am I Doing?

This question is so easy to answer because all you need to do is reflect on your daily habits. Remember the old cliche, “actions speak louder than words”. You can talk about your success until you are blue in the face. The truth is we need you to take action until your body runs out of energy. Are you on Facebook and Instagram all day? Are you studying with other students who push you? Are you beefing with other people and caught in a life of drama? Check it out: What you do, will determine where you go. Where you go, will determine, ultimately, who you will be. Moral of the story-do not sleep on the things you are doing right now. Why? Because they are going to impact your future. What are you doing today to impact your tomorrow?

Question 5: What Actions Are Necessary?

Last question! Ok, you read all four question so far. The last question is the action question! What changes do you need to make in order to reach your greatness? Do you need to study more, hang out at the clubs less, or read more books? Who knows, but we do know that your future will be a direct reflection of your current actions. For real, what action do you need to take right now?

The Gritty 5. Five powerful questions that if answered honestly, can change…your…life! Listen, you can be a champ or a chump, have faith or fear, will or worry, pain or pleasure, heaven or hell-what you do or don't do with these questions, will give you either option. It is simple as that. These questions are for all of us: the rich, the poor, black, white, latino, asian, tall, and/or short. When you know these questions like the back of your hand, your greatness…awaits!

Are you ready?

-Rodney and Ron


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