Stop Shining and Start Grinding

“Ummm, let me see...I think I will wear the red bandanna with the red and black J’s and the all-white Jordan jersey with no t-shirt!” It was our freshman year at St. Louis Community College at Meramec and let us tell you, there were two things on our mind: looking good and pretty girls.

Political Science class was boring to us. We sat in the front row of the class pretending to pay attention. The professor had a monotone voice and after fifteen minutes of hearing it, our eyes got heavy. We knew one thing: we were the best-looking dudes in class. There was more time spent trying to look like Jay-Z (in the early 2000’s) than understanding how politics work in this country.

Yes, we would match our shirts, hats, shoes, jerseys, socks, chains, do-rags, shorts, pants, t-shirts, and belts. Everybody wants to look nice. Who doesn’t? We are not saying you should walk out of your house looking a hot mess. However, we are saying more importance should be placed on dominating the classroom instead of your fashion game.

Remember that Political Science course we told you about? This is how we studied for this class:

Rodney: “Hey Twin, I think that dude over there took the test in the 8:00 a.m. class!”

Ron: “Let’s go ask him about the test! If he helps us out, that gives us an hour to study.”

Rodney: “Cool!”

Those are the study techniques that will get you to Harvard, baby! Not! Time after time, we were invested in trying to get something for nothing. The both of us tried to master ways to get easy grades instead of taking the time to study and learn. We realized there are no shortcuts to success.

Do not behave like us; start getting gritty in your college classroom on day 1. Then, keep grinding in the classroom on day 2, 32, 64,129 and so on! As brothers, we did not realize the opportunity we had in front of us. There was no understanding of what college was going to mean for two city boys from St. Louis. For a while, we just took going to college for granted.

Now, at 33 years old, we understand we used our time for the wrong things. Yes, we looked good, but some of our grades looked terrible.

As freshmen, we had little to no grittiness, and it was all about the bright lights of the clubs and meeting the ladies. Real talk: start with a different plan. You can be the freshest person in class with the worst grades. Your new shoes will not mean squat when your F is staring you in the face. Be true to your purpose for attending college and understand what you "want" and what you “expect."


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