Beginners Guide For Huslting

Our freshman year in college, we were taking Political Science 101 and it was beyond boring! The professor had a monotone voice and did not make the course interesting at all. The only smart thing we did was sit in the front...but we were hardly paying attention.

We pretended to listen, we pretended to take notes, we pretended to be model students. However, when test time came around, the pretending was over! For one particular test, we thought we could pretend hustle. We took the course at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. The night before our test, we created a genius plan! We would arrive to school early, around 8:30 a.m., and chat with a few people who completed the test in the class before.

So, there we were looking dumb and stupid at 8:30 a.m., arriving on time to cheat! Think about that! We arrived on time to cheat! Instead of hustling before and putting in the hours, we thought by some miracle, we could ask the students in the previous class to help us. It was idiotic then and as we write this, it is idiotic now!

We cannot dress the part, act the part, walk the part, and do this forever. Our true colors will show. As for us, we got a “D” on that test. We know, shocking! Your education is a hustle. You cannot talk big dreams, plans, and goals if you are not willing to put in the grit and grind.

For our student athletes, you have to grind even harder. Not only do you have to crush the classroom, but you have to crush your sport! We have seen many ball players come and go through a college system that is unforgiven. However, as you know, there are plenty of student athletes who are pretending as well. Yep, you are looking the part in practice and public, but when you have free time and can get some extra reps in, you are playing Xbox One with your boys!

Greatness requires time! There were times we saw little time on the basketball court in college, why? Simple, we did not give our respective games the proper time it needed to grow.

It does not matter if you play a college sport or not. The principle is the same. You cant pretend to hustle, you need/must/have to hustle. For real, if you want that 3.5, hustle hard. If you want to average 20 points or run more yards, hustle hard.

Regardless if it is the classroom or the court, we feel like some of you are wanting something for nothing! Students out there acting as if they deserve an “A” for giving “C/D” effort. It is crazy that some college athletes genuinely believe that the coach is trippin and hating. On the other hand, the athlete knows, deep down, how much he/she is grinding…

Trust us, today more than ever, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Do you need help with math? Cool, now you do not have to use the resources in your school’s math department, you can go on YouTube and get full-blown tutorials on College Algebra…from your phone. Oh, you need shooting drills to improve your shot percentage, no problem! Go online and choose from thousands of sites designed to help player’s improve their game….from your phone.

There are no excuses why you should not succeed. Will it be hard? Yes! Will you want to quit? Yes! Will you want to give up? Yes! But…remember, all those who have accomplished something special in their life experienced the same feelings.

Congrats, you have just completed Hustle 101!

Now, Let's work!

-Ron and Rodney Lewis


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