Quick Guide: Navigating Success

We are all traveling on a destination in life. All of us! We are all going somewhere at the moment. Do you know where you are going? How you answer this question will make all the difference.

We think what we all need is a GPS for our goals! Think about it, when we get into a car, with a destination in mind, the driver fights through traffic, weather conditions, and accidents to reach a certain place. Our dreams are the same way. There is a destination and we battle insecurities, haters, and pain to reach our goal.

The difference between the two is one requires more discipline and patience than the other. We are sure you can guess which is which. We have developed a GPS philosophy of our own to help us with the direction of our goals.

The GPS To Success represents Guts, Passion, and Sacrifice. These three words, if used correctly will guide you toward your destination. Turn it own and follow the map…


You are on your journey and ready to reach your goals. However, there is a problem, you are experiencing roadblocks, pain, and rejection. You know the saying, NO GUTS, NO GLORY? It applies to your life. Think about it, how many successful people listened to the haters and were successful? How many people do you know were scared to accomplish their goal, but accomplished it anyway? Very quickly, you will say you do not know anyone. Why? Because it is plain to see that in order to bring your goal into reality, you must have the Guts to face your fear head on and attack with Passion!


Like a cross-state road trip, this journey is long. So, you are trying to get all A’s, lose weight, get a job, or start a business-what keeps you going every…single…day? The love for what you do! You must be passionate about your work because more than likely, you will be hustling for free, you will be knocked down multiple times, and your closest friends and family will encourage you to stop. Your passion, the deep love for your goals will guide you pass the long hours, rejection, and hate. If you are doing something you truly love, your passion will keep it fresh, but your passion NEEDS Sacrifice.


Your Guts and Passion are nothing without the constant attention to detail day-in and day-out. You can’t study for 20 minutes once a week and expect an A. That is crazy! If you are going to make this journey worth it, then you must be ready to sacrifice your time, money, and relationships.

Time: we only have 24 hours in a day, use it wisely or lose it foolishly.

Money: buy the books, subscriptions, or anything that will help you reach your goals. Where you put your money determines what is important.

Relationships: watch the people you chill with everyday. Their negative or positive message will influence your journey.

That is the GPS To success! You must have the Guts for success, the Passion for success, and the Sacrifice for success. Again, do not make this complicated. It is not. Plug in your destination, and follow the map of Guts, Passion, and make the Sacrifice and you will arrive in no time!

Ron and Rodney Lewis


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