5 Crazy Reasons You Are Hated On

Ok, we are going to start with the truth! Yep, the cold-blooded truth. Here it is, we are sorry, but they are not feelin you! We are so sorry!

Listen, you are grinding everyday, right? You are hustling like crazy! You have a few jobs, eyes on the prize, and a goal in mind. Yet, you have people, constantly, day-in and day-out, talking about you, down sizing your dreams, and questioning your abilities. See, this is what the haters will do when you tell them you are trying to accomplish something big!

Understand, we, you, and our haters have the ability to accomplish whatever it is we want. The difference between you and your haters is that they do not have the Grit and Grind to make it happen. So, in their mind, if they can’t do it, who are you to do it? They believe, since they know you, those big goals are only for the people on TV and in the magazines. That is not true! The people your haters see on TV and in the magazines were once in the position you are in right now! They had Grit and they Grinded, and now you and your haters know them.

This is not about having your face plastered on TV or celebrated in magazines, this is about reaching your personal greatness! We do not care if you are on TV, we want you to dream big, never give up, and do whatever it takes to make it happen. You are doing that, your haters cannot!

In case you did not know, they are 5 reasons your haters will most likely hate on you.

Let's dig!

They hate because they believe you do not deserve what you want.

Many haters look at you, like we said earlier, and think just because you are you, there is no way you deserve what you want. Why would a hater feel this way? Simple, they do not think they deserve what they want. They do not see themselves as worthy of accomplishing the big prize. Hater Free Tip: Never stop believing, ignore the noise, and remember, you deserve all that comes to you.

They hate because they believe you will leave them behind.

For your closest friends and family, many times, you feel the hate for this reason. They love you so much, they believe if you are too successful, you will leave them in the dust. In their minds you will forget where you came from and leave your roots. Hater Free Tip: Reaching your goals does not mean you forget the people in your life. If we are lucky, they will ride with us while on the journey. On the other hand, if they don’t…you know what you have to do. Remember, if you cannot change people, then change people.

They hate because they do not believe in themselves.

This is sad, but some people hate because when they look in the mirror, they do not see a reflective image they are proud of. They do not think they are smart, intelligent, pretty, handsome, perfect weight, or acceptable height, you name it! Then there is you! You are not perfect and sure there are things you would like to change, but you love yourself and know your value. Haters do not like that. They hate themselves and want you to hate yourself. Hater Free Tip: This is simple, keep grinding everyday. You will fail, but no big deal! Keep going, it is part of the process!

They hate because they need to feel good about themselves.

This is similar to the 3rd reason, but these haters are not hating because they do not believe in themselves. They are hating to feel good. When these haters attempt to bring you down, they feel a sense of power over you. Hater Free Tip: C’mon, have thick skin and realize that the best way to defeat this type of hater is to be successful. Plain and simple!

They hate because they want what you have.

Yo, we are not talking about material things. Haters have watches, phones, and cars. These haters hate because they do not have the Grit and Grind to do something everyday until they are successful. They want to focus, they want to reach their goals, but they cannot because they lack the hard commitment. And deep down, they know if you keep going, they know that the success you reach will be greater than any watch, phone, or car! Hater Free Tip: Just remember, if they want it, they have the same chance as you. Their road could be easier or harder, just depends on how bad they want it!

You got it! These are the five BIG reasons people hate on us. Should we hate our haters? Heck no! Love them, embrace them, and appreciate each hater in your life. Why? Because you start getting haters when you are making noise with your Grit and Grind! You are active and getting the attention of the masses. So, expect it. Whatever you do, please do not believe them or doubt yourself because of what a hater says. We are dream builders, and we never listen to a dream crusher!

We just love ‘em…

-Ron and Rodney Lewis


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