What No One Tells You About Shortcuts

We know that you are well in the semester and you are going strong. From us to you, keep up the GREAT WORK! Before the academic year gets extremely challenging, we want you to get one concept out of your head. Often we have heard students say, “I’m not studying tonight because that is “Doing the Most”. Wait…What! That is “Doing The Most”! Question, what else would you do? Would you do the least? You are in college, doing the most is standard, it is not an option!

I guess being from Missouri-the Show Me-State, we were raise to put up or shut up. Where we are from, we say, “that is not doing enough”. Yep, doing the most that we can do, day and day out is standard operating procedure. When it is all said and done, sometimes we have to do more than the most. We have to extend to another level. Listen, if you are not willing to grind and give your absolute 100% every time you walk into the classroom, you are fooling yourself! Stop looking for the shortcut in life. Stop putting in the least amount of effort, looking for a 100% reward. Don’t worry about failing, that is apart of the success. Like missing shots is apart of the game of basketball. Sometimes, you have to miss in order to make a shot.

Start doing the most and then do more. Make this a daily habit, not an every other day habit, but every single day. Why, because you will need a 100% maximum amount of effort and energy to graduate. In college there is no room for the weak at heart. So, stop limiting yourself from reaching your personal greatness. Make your family proud, but the only way to make that happen is by doing the most- not most of the time-but all of the time!

Happy Grinding,

The Lewis Influence


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