3 Essential Thoughts For The New Year

Dear Champions,

For everyone, the year of 2015 provided us with ups and downs; smiles and frowns and grades of A’s and C’s. Whatever the last year has given you, it was last year! In 2016, you have another opportunity to make the changes you need to help you – become the best you. This semester, do us a favor, if you are not successful, don’t blame your professor, job, parents, financial aid, or courses for your lack of success. There is only one person to blame and that is YOU! Consider, when you change, it all changes. In other words, when you commit to the change on the inside, your life will change on the outside. If you want to be a better student, then change your study habits and/or study location. If you want a job when you graduate, then change the professionals that you know. Again, when you change, it all changes. You have the power to change your GPA, but the question is: Will you change for the better? To make the necessary changes, are you willing to sacrifice your unsuccessful habits for successful ones?

To help you with your transformation, we offer you three ideas to make it happen:

#1. Dangers of the Rearview Mirror. Imagine if you were driving your car and your windshield was replaced with a rearview mirror. You would not be able to see forward and you would crash! Students do this same thing all the time. Since they did not pass the math class, they believe that they can’t pass the next math class. Who sold students on that mindset? Don’t allow your past experience to determine your successes or failures. Start looking out of the big windshield and move forward. FYI: your car has only three small rearview mirrors for drivers to use. Drivers are expected to use those mirrors from time to time, not all the time. It is ok to reflect on the past, but that is all. Looking forward will help you in make the changes you need to be the student you want to be. By committing to looking out of the windshield, you can begin to let the past go.

#2. Tap Your Inner Elsa. In the movie “Frozen”, Elsa sings “Let It Go” about her past. You should tap into your inner Elsa and let it go. Let go of what? That is a great question. Let go of anything that will hurt your success. If there are habits you had last year that hurt and not help you, let it go. If you have friends that are dragging you down, let them go. If you think you are not college material, let those ideas go. If you are trapped by fear, then let the fear go. In order to make the change on the inside, we have to let some things go on the outside. Trust us, when you let those non-successful habits, ideas, and friends go, you will gain so much more. By letting go, you are ultimately quitting - which is not a bad thing.

#3. Be a Quitter. Are you a quitter? We hope your answer is yes! We would like to encourage you to become a quitter today. Please don’t wait and delay your quitting. Despite, what people think or say, quitting is that best way to create change. When you quit giving only 50% effort in the classroom, you will change your grade. When you quit procrastinating, you will change your study habits. When you quit missing classes, you will create a real opportunity to learn. When you quit believing that you are not “college material”, then you will be the student you want to be. Please quit those negative habits, yesterday!

Change is hard. Keep in mind, “if you do the hard things your life will be easy, but if you do the easy things your life will be hard.”. Make the hard changes today, so tomorrow will be easier. If you are willing to look through the windshield, let the past go and quit all of the things that are hurting success, then change is near.

Have a GRITTY semester!

-Ron and Rod Lewis


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