4 Powerful Ways To Activate Your GRIT

There is no better time to write this article, than now! We have told you multiple times about GRIT! The both of us strongly believe this is what it takes to reach Greatness! To remind you or in case you are new, G.R.I.T. (Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity) is doing whatever it takes to become successful. For us, we now realize the "whatever" is actually the Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity for Greatness. That's GRIT!

The truth is you could not determine which neighborhood you were born into, your parents, or the color of your skin. But...you can determine your success! Who is going to stop you from getting the extra help you need in Biology class? Nobody! Who is going to stop you from going to the gym and getting fit? Nobody! Who is going to have the audacity to stop you from reading a book a month...not a soul!

This article will breakdown GRIT and look closer at your Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity. You have it inside you! Consider this as the activation for your GRIT. Because you might be sleeping on your GRIT, it is time to wake up and BE everything you thought you could be! Let's start where you want to end…your Greatness!


The term Greatness is used heavily in sports. Who is the Greatest basketball player ever? Jordan or LeBron? Or who is the greatest between Serena or Venus Williams? Will Tom Brady walk away as the greatest QB that ever lived? If you are like us, they will not be putting your name in the "Greatest Player" conversation anytime soon. That Greatness, is a different type of “Greatness." That level is based on the media's thoughts and opinions.

G.R.I.T....Greatness is totally different! Greatness to The Lewis Influence simply means creating and becoming the best version of yourself. How do you reach this level of self? Great question! By being Resilient, Intelligent, and Tenacious! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Get it now? The first letter in GRIT, the “G”, is the end goal. It is the finish line…

Again, we are talking about walking in your vision. So, you have to know what that version of you looks like, sounds like, and feels like. However, this is your call to make, and if you don't make it, instead of designing the Great Plan, life will hand-deliver you the Average Plan. The Average Plan is a basic plan that requires very little reflection or thought, but only ask that you breathe each day. Trust us, you want the Great Plan! This plan will make you cry and feel the pain....and become Resilient.

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

-W. Clement Stone


There is not one successful person alive who has been setback-free! This is not possible! Understand that setbacks are infused in both The Great and Average Plans. You can't avoid them. Now, how you respond will determine what plan, Great or Average, that your live by. Real talk, accomplishing your goals are hard, if it were simple, the world would be full of goal setters. But...it is not. And do you know why? Because IT IS HARD! Life will hand you setback after setback! Listen, your school funding may be dropped, people may say you are too old, you may believe you are not smart, you may not be able to buy books, there may be a death in the family…setbacks have a way of bothering our plans.

The “R” is for the bounce back! Yep, the bounce back! Believe us, you will need it. After completing grad school, Ron got hired and fired, and this little sequence happened three times. Imagine getting fired three times from three different jobs! We are telling you, you have got to get up when life knocks you on your tail! The Greats become Great because they get up EVERY TIME life puts them down. EVERYTIME! No excuses, get up and keep going! You may be fired...divorced....low GPA...struggling with self-confidence, but the only option is to get up and Power Through! This type of Resilience takes Intelligence!

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

-Og Mandino


We will get straight to the point! This has nothing to do with your IQ, GPA, or ACT score. You know, we got 14's on the ACT....so by that measure, we were not likely candidates for doctorates and authoring books. Therefore, Intelligence is not about scores, but awareness. Yes, the Intelligence to get the help you need when you are struggling. Yes, the Intelligence to make smart decisions based on your environment. Yes, the Intelligence to understand that in order to be successful, you must grind everyday! Yes, the Intelligence to never give up and give in.

The definition of Intelligence sums it up: the ability to perceive and understand. That’s it! So let’s get one thing straight, the definition does not state the ability to score a 2400 on the SAT or a 36 on the ACT. Nope! The definition does not state: the ability to study medicine or law. Nope! Read it again. Intelligence: the ability to perceive and understand! Do you have the skills to notice the world around you? Yep! Do you have the ability to comprehend what is going on around you? Yes…indeed! Wow! You are Intelligent! Now, take that Intelligence and get ready to fight!

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

-Johnann Wolfgang von Goethe


Finally, the “T”…the Tenacity! How bad to you want it? Come on? How bad do you want it? Because, if you want it bad, like you say you want it, you have to be stubborn about getting it! You have to be a little "crazy" to get what you want. That is real! If you are connecting the dots, this is Grit and Grind…Grit and Grind! This is action repeated over and over…and over, which creates Gritty habits. So, when you get knocked on your butt, get frustrated, cry, get angry, you get up!

When you look around and realize you have questions, you are obsessed with getting answers! Life is a fight and happiness is not a right, but a privilege. Therefore, you have to fight and work for that privilege. You have to be tenacious in fighting back with your Resiliency and Intelligence to demonstrate your GREATNESS! Simple.

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Before we sign off, yes, one more time: You have Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity in your blood. You were born with it. Whether you use it or not is totally up to you. Listen, sometimes life can be hard, right? But…why not reach for the Greatest version of yourself? Why not stand up when it gets hard? Why not show your Intelligence in each situation? Why not go so hard, you surprise yourself? Why not fight for the visions and dreams you see in your mind?

You were born to be Great, why wouldn't you make it happen?

-Ron and Rod Lewis

(The Gritty Boys)


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