The Grind Guide: Respect Success

What’s good? Let’s get to business, shall we? You Showed Up and Powered Through. You did it! You have this momentum and you can feel it, correct? Little by little, you are feeling confident. You have Gotten Up everyday, your Put Up has been strong, and your Come Up is evident!

During your work, challenges hit you from multiple directions and you expected Setbacks to Come, but realized they were Temporary. And in your darkest hour, you faced your Fear and punched it in the mouth!

Now…things are changing! The work is not over, it has just begun. Yep, you can see success. The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel. However, it is not time to take the foot from the pedal and slow down…no, no! You are still on the journey, and remember, we never fully arrive…

Because success is so close, you must deeply respect where you have come from. You are accomplishing something you never thought you could, would…or should, right? As you are going through this life-changing journey, take these three principles to heart: Love The Grind More Than The Destination, Be Humbled By Your Grind, and Expect To Deliver.

Everyday you Grind, you are getting closer and closer, and these three principles are crucial! Why? Simple, they help you see the bigger picture! When you are looking through the frame of success, you are not looking at the end results such as a 4.0 the first semester or losing 20 lbs. in 12 weeks. Nope! Listen, when you look at this picture, you are looking at what you have become as a result of Grinding. When you reach your mountain will not be the same person that started. It took a different version of you to make that happen. You must love that, be grateful, but expect it.

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Love The Grind More Than The Destination

Many...many people, when chasing goals have one thing in mind, the goal! We cannot be mad or hate, we whole-heartedly believe you should keep your eyes on the prize. However, you cannot be sooooooooo focused on the goal that you dismiss the beauty facing you everyday...the journey. Listen, we understand studying may not be your thing, but if you Grind everyday with your studying, without knowing it, you are replacing some unproductive habits with some productive ones. Remember, do not love this journey because it will help you lose weight. Nah! Love this journey because of what it will make of you in the process of losing weight. Let us repeat, do not love the journey because it will help you reach your goal, forget that….love it because the person you will be as a result will be Grittier than the one who started. If nothing else, love the grind for this reason, and this reason only.

Be Humbled By Your Grind is what your Grind is like. Yep,! Everyday you are Showing Up and Powering Through, now we want you to be thankful you are in a position to Grind like you are. First, you are doing what so many have the opportunity to do, but many will not. Be thankful, not arrogant that you are seizing the moment and getting better each day. Take the time to show gratitude to yourself. YOU ARE DOING IT! As we were writing Gritty, at times, we would chat and be humbled by the fact we were writing a book. Ron and Rod authors? Are you kidding me? There were moments we could have dropped a few tears just from the gratitude alone. You are here on earth for a reason. Our lives are not some random act of God. So, look back and show thanks and humility for entering a space that will change your life!

Expect To Deliver

We have said it before, and will say it again, you have Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity in your veins. That is the truth. Now, you have to know that if you hang in long enough, you are going to make that 4.0 come true. You have to know that if you hang in there long enough, you are going to graduate from college. Understand? You must Expect To Deliver on the commitment you made to yourself. You have Grinded everyday, and it times….it sucked! So, if you are going to put in all of this hard work, day-in and day-out, yes we expect you to have the belief that your success is in ARMS’ REACH! You are there, right there. Expect it to happen…it is only a matter of time!

The Grind series is complete! You have been on an incredible journey with us. You have had to Show Up, Power Through, and Respect Success. This journey is not like going on a vacation. On a vacation, you arrive and leave. This is different because you never fully arrive or leave. You are constantly moving…and moving…and moving. The journey merely transforms into other goals and dreams. You may be at the point where you are focused on grades. Down the road, going through the same Grind process, it may take you toward business or grad school. Who knows! The bottom line is to be GREAT in this life, you need GRIT and GRIND, baby!

Respect the GRIT. Respect the GRIND. Respect the SUCCESS!

-Ron and Rod Lewis

(The Gritty Boys)


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