The Grind Guide: Power Through

How are you? Where are you mentally, at the moment? Listen, we told you last week you have to Show Up. Remember, 50% of the battle is Showing Up to the spot, right? You cannot earn a 4.0 if you never put yourself in the classroom. You have to get there. Get to the place you need to be. Is it tough? Yeah, it is, but what other choice do you have? Not much, boss!

Both of us realize the Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up are hard. HARD! It is not easy to be consistent and practice success habits every single day! Real talk, when life smacks you in the mouth, you feel defeated. You feel hurt. You feel hopeless. We have been there. Trust us, we know! However, we are telling you to Power Through it all! It is your duty, your obligation to Power Through this tough road ahead. Really, we are talking about that Gritty Life! You could do what the other 97% of the people are doing, but come on, you know where that is going to lead you…NO WHERE!

You are trying to do something you have never done before, so yeah, you will not give up, but Power Through. As we Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up, you will experience roadblocks and pain along the way. Remember, accomplishing your goals will not be easy. Think about it, how many people in your life never accomplished their goals? That will not be you! You will Power Through because you will learn three important principles about why you keep going. You must comprehend that Setbacks Are Coming, Everything Is Temporary, and your Fear is Fake.

These three will take you to the next level and push you through the pain and hardships. It is SHOWTIME! As you know, you have Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity (G.R.I.T.) running through your veins. You were built for this moment, this time, and circumstance. Do you hear us? You can Power Through anything! No doubt, you can make this happen! Enough chit chat! Let’s get to work!

Setbacks Are Coming

Life is full of ups and downs. This is not a secret to anyone. Come on, you know things happen, and those “things” never go away. Never! One minute life is peach, and you are ballin. Next, it is the worst day of the week, month, and/or year of your life. Knowing that issues are going to arrive, prepare your mind and understand, that life does not give you all the problems. Again, we have them, you have them, the couple next door has them. How we respond to those problems make or break us. So, you know it’s coming! Get your mind right and tell yourself, nothing last forever.

Everything Is Temporary

Your obstacles never feel temporary. Actually, it feels like forever! That is normal. But you must understand this way of thinking as problems pop up in your life. It is not forever! Just like the seasons come and go, so does the pain. This is a natural law. All things change. Seeds grow into apple orchards. Babies mature into adults. It is sunny for a portion of the day, and around the corner the night comes. Get it? Your problems are basically the same. They are here, then they leave and something else happens. That is life. So, if you are in a rough spot and it frightens you, no worries, the fear in your head is not real.

Fear Is Fake

You have to give a speech in class? Scared! You are struggling with your study habits? Scared! Feeling like you are not smart? Scared! Listen up, you have to face these fears, setbacks, problems, and issues head-on. You will not run from them, you will learn about them, embrace, and grow from them. Trust us, it is uncomfortable, but that lack of comfort gets very comfortable the more we know…grow… and show! Your fear is not real. It is an illusion in your mind that gets in the way of your success. It is fake, feels real, and stops us from doing the real work. Therefore, when the fear comes, just breathe, baby! Don't let the fake stuff, get in the way of the real stuff!

Finally, close your eyes and see the future you. What do you see it? You see someone that has reached success at the highest level, don't you? You see someone hungry, excited, and passionate, right? You see someone with Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity (G.R.I.T.) in their veins, correct? Now, open your eyes. In order to bring that version of you to life, just know setbacks are around the corner, everything is on a time clock, and fake stuff should never beat the real stuff. You got it, now! Ok, you read this…what is next?

Go get it!

-Ron and Rodney Lewis

(The Gritty Boys)


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