The Grind Guide: Show Up

What’s good? What’s…good? Okay, we understand everyone has goals, right? Really, what separates those who want to get their hands on success vs. the person who never reaches it? The Grind! Yep, the Grind! What is the Grind you ask? ​

Simple question! Simple answer! The Grind is working hard on a specific goal until that goal is reached! Read this again ...”until that goal is reached.” Think about it, many start, very few finish. Why is that? Who does not want to be successful in college? Very few students say, “I will spend $30,000 a year to get straight D’s!” Very few students say, “I can’t wait to party all night which will help me get on academic probation. That will be AWESOME!” Uhhhhhh, no!

Any person with some sense would say, “Twin, that sounds ridiculous!” LOL! We agree; however, as crazy as those statements sound, why are students struggling with grades, or dropping out?

While we understand there are many reasons bad grades and not graduating can occur, this article is designed to address those that have come this far, but cannot Grind enough to get the job done. If you are struggling with your Grind (remember, that is working hard on a specific goal until that goal is reached), this article is for you! We understand there are three pieces to Grinding: The Show Up, Powering Through, and Respecting Success.

While we would love to write about all three at once, we think it is best to break it up and give each section its fifteen minutes of fame. So today, we are about to Show Up. Why is Showing Up first? Because...we start here to Grind, baby! If you do not attend class, you will fail. It is simple as that. If you do not go to work, you stop getting paid. You have to be there! There is no other way around it. Taking this a step further, we want to describe the three levels to The Show Up: The Get Up, The Put Up, and The Come Up.

There you have it. The three levels of The Show Up as it relates to Grinding. Before we Show Up, we need to Get Up which starts our Grinding and a path toward our greatness!

Let's do this!

The Get Up

We cannot Grind, if we do not Get Up, over and over again. There will be times when we do not want to Get Up, but we know it is necessary to give ourselves a chance to reach our goals. We know this, companies are not giving away free checks. Employers are not giving away jobs. Therefore, we have to get to the spot! Just get there! Without Getting Up and Getting Up…and Getting Up, we do not give ourselves a chance in this highly competitive world. No one can make us. We must do this!. Yeah, 50% of the battle is getting there. On the other hand, the remaining portion of that 50% is our Put Up. Now, our Put Up will make our Get Up worth it.

The Put Up

Ok, cool! We entered the building. No doubt, that is 50% of it all. Now, the next 50% separates the good from the great, the men from the boys, and the rookies from the all-stars. See, Putting Up is all about what we do with the other 50%. For example, we got to class, but are we taking notes or texting? We need help with College Algebra, do we head over to the Math Lab or make excuses? This is where our G.R.I.T. (Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity) kicks in! Putting Up is hard because we are always pushing our limits to achieve our goals. We can Get Up and attend the same class, but our Put Up will be very…very different! After we Put Up...we start to Come Up. Now, we have the world’s attention!

The Come Up

You have Got Up, Put Up, and now, you are feeling the Come Up! Yeahhhhhhhh! SUCCESS, NICE TO MEET YOU! If we have studied hard, worked with the professors, now, we should see the results with our test scores, study habits, and confidence. We are Coming Up, and it feels good. The most incredible thing happens during The Come Up. Check this out! It gives us the confidence to Grind in other areas of our life. If you can Come Up with ​your studying, can you Come Up in your health, relationships, and other courses? You betcha! Boom, it happens again. Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up. Achieve and repeat! Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up. Achieve and repeat! Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up. Achieve and repeat! The Come Up allows us to see the fruits of our labor and gives us the confidence to move forward.

That's it! We did it! The Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up are the entry points to Grinding and Grinding hard! Here is what the both of us know for sure….ready? You have G.R.I.T. circulating in your veins. Yep, you have Greatness, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tenacity in your body, mind, and soul! This is part of your DNA!

Do you need help bringing out your G.R.I.T.? No problem, you know exactly what to do: Get Up, Put Up, and Come Up!

Yeahhhhhhhhh, welcome to The Grind!

SUCCESS, we will talk to you soon!


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