5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Discipline

What up! What up! Listen, your classes are in full swing! In no time, you will be coming home for winter break and second semester will be starting. So, we want to make sure you are Gritty this semester with your discipline. Yes, your discipline!

What does it mean to be disciplined? It can mean many things to many people, but we define discipline as doing what you need to do when you don't want to do it.

What is going to keep you studying when you would rather party? Discipline! What will make you put the iPhone down and pick up the book? Discipline! What is going to push you to ask for help even though you are afraid? Discipline!

You get it, right? Discipline is the key to being Gritty. With that said, we have created 5 principles to help you develop your discipline.

Showtime! Let’s get to work!

Do the hard and necessary

There is a reason why we started here. It is because this is difficult to do. When we were in college, we can remember our friends not going to class or studying because they did not feel like it. If we only base our decisions on our mood and emotions, we will never accomplish anything worth while. Because success makes us feel uncomfortable and forces us to do things we do not like, we must move past doing things based on how we feel. Now, since we are doing whatever it takes to become successful, what do you know, success is waiting for us!

Know your “why”

We do not know your why, but you should! Why did you go to college? What is the point? If you are to be more disciplined in your actions, then you have to see your why, feel your why, hear your why? By the way, this has nothing to do with what profession you will enter once you graduate. No! Our question is….who do you see 1 year, 3 years, 5 years...10 years from today?

Do not accept your excuses

Alright, so, let us say this with the utmost respect. No one cares about your excuses! It is the truth. We are not being rude, but come on, everyone has problems. Your professors, friends, you, us, we all do. So, problems are not the issue here. What is the issue is many adults are lying to themselves about why they cannot do something. We did not say going to college was going to be easy, but if you want it, like we think you do, then do not excuse yourself from getting the job done!

Stay focused on your focus

Listen close, your college days are numbered. That is a fact! We are 34 years old and hanging out during Spring Break during college feels like yesterday. Never lose sight of why you are in class each day. Stay focused on your focus. This is huge! College, you know, the scene and environment provides a false sense of security for students. Understand this today, so your energy is focused today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Understand where success starts and ends

Read this again! Think! Think! I have a challenge for you. Email us about someone you admire that did not have to sacrifice to be successful. Because, it does not matter how much money you have, how talented you are, or how smart you are, success begins with discipline! Plain and simple!

Bottomline, we want you to understand, discipline is the only way to go. You will not reach your goals for free. That is for sure! You are going to pay with your time! Since you only have 24 hours in a day, your discipline will use it wisely! If you let it…


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