Meet Dr. Ron S. Lewis
 Meet Dr. Rodney S. Lewis


“I highly recommend Ron and Rodney Lewis without reservation. As educators, they exemplify the passion and drive required to achieve student success. Their story of becoming scholar athletes and ultimately first-generation college graduates is inspiring and motivational for today's youth.” 


- Chris, R.

TRIO Director

The Lewis Influence has been featured in following:

"The homeless person, teacher, preacher, mother, father, everyone has the capability to lead their families, communities, and friends to a better place. All of us have the power and the ability to make history in our own way. Nevertheless, you can bless the world with your gifts and ultimately help someone else become successful. It is our humanly job to help and serve our fellow brothers and sisters. It is not just about you, it is about assisting others."
                                           -Excerpt from GRITTY

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