Dr. Ron Lewis and Dr. Rodney Lewis are dedicated to supporting business professionals and first generation college students across the country. With their engaging and personal approach, individuals have a chance to connect with these influencers like never before. More than just words of inspiration, these brothers want each person to live empowered. 


To help professionals and students alike, Ron and Rodney are proud to serve and partner with outstanding educators, business leaders, and college administrators, in four ways:


1. Inspirational and Distinguished Speaking Engagements  

2. Powerful and Practical Leadership Training

3. Hands-on and Direct Student/Executive Coaching/Mentoring

4. Strategic and Long-Lasting Consulting


While The Lewis Influence is highly-committed to the success of all, they understand it takes a team effort. They are willing to do whatever it takes to support and empower your organization!


How can they serve you? Find out now!


"Today was perfect. You really did influence
my life so much. "Grit is having the strength and resilience to overcome your obstacles and reach your goals. Sounds simple, right?" Thank you, Lewis Brothers! It was great to meet both of you."
-Kai M.
College Student

"Great Training!..Ron was engaging and knowledgeable. He went greeted everyone as they came in and asked their name and then referred to us by our name during training. How he learned everyone's name that quickly I don't know. Highly recommend!


- Jessica W.

Leadership Training Participant


"Got to see these two talk today about being successful and being a better person. The session was real and motivated me to be better."

-Jason W. 
College Student


Ron and Rodney Lewis have passionately presented to thousands of students about taking personal responsibility for their education. In this hard-hitting book, these two dynamic educators explicitly speak to first generation college students about consistently overcoming adversity and creating long-term success in college and life.


The twins use relatable principles along with compassionate stories from their college experience to convey the strength of a “gritty” mindset. Throughout the book, the Lewis brothers document their learning from extreme college partying, rebounding from low ACT scores, and turning away friends involved in drugs.


This book will definitely empower first generation college students to work hard everyday, take ownership of their learning, seek the proper information, choose friends wisely, and dedicate their education to helping others.

Are You Gritty?